Children's Playhouse - Every Kids Dream

Children's Playhouse - Every Kids Dream

Playhouse Essentials
Obviously a level concrete base, and the correct, safe materials, plus a soft and anti-slip surface (rubber or bark) below any heights, but what would the average child consider to be absolutely essential in a dream playhouse?

• A proper door, with working handle and a working doorbell or knocker (no locks, please – siblings can be mean and no one wants to be locked in. Toddlers can be stroppy and YOU don’t want to be locked out!) Perhaps a mailbox and a name plaque.
• Pretty windows, with safety glass or Perspex acrylic, made realistic with curtains.
• A real floor gives an authentic feel but use vinyl or laminate as muddy carpets aren’t nice.
• It would be lovely to have it furnished, wouldn’t it? There’s an abundance of child sized furniture out there, and toy kitchens, but make sure you also provide storage so there’s no excuse for untidiness.
• Messy play is SOOOO much better in a playhouse – no worrying about paint spills and no Mummy shouting about paint spills. Choose a big easel with a huge roll of paper, perhaps a big chalkboard - and modelling clay or play dough should only EVER be used in playhouses!
• A garage for the ride on cars would be a bonus (although some would prefer a stable for the rocking or imaginary horses) and doesn’t everyone want a slide as an exit? Ooh, or a trap door with slide!
• Wallpaper and paint – a relatively easy and inexpensive job which will make all the difference.

A Desirable Residence
At the top end, playhouses come in all sorts of sizes and guises so let your imagination run wild and your children will have the playhouse of EVERY child’s dreams!

• Playhouses can be built around – and in - trees to blend in to your garden and can actually use the trees in their design.
• Play equipment can be incorporated in to the playhouse, with swings, slides, tube slides, helter skelters, climbing walls, scramble nets, rope bridges, football nets, and basketball hoops all popular. You could even have monkey bars, a tyre swing or a wobbly bridge. Older boys would love a punch bag attachment!

Many playhouses can be designed in true make-believe style – a fort, a lighthouse, a pirate ship, a princess castle, a hobbit house, a gypsy caravan or even a teapot. A caveat here though – children are notoriously fickle and will quickly go through likes and fads. It’s best to keep it neutral and classic to make sure they get the very best from it for years to come – décor can always be changed with their tastes.

Older – and Much Older - Kids
The right garden building or playhouse can also be a boon for older kids. Where better to house the train set, or racing car tracks? It can also develop into a place for gaming – add a fridge and some beanbags and you have a haven for teenagers. A pool or football table would be an excellent addition too. Add soundproofing and you have the perfect space for playing musical instruments (or just loud music while relaxing or revising) and it remains the perfect place for more creative types to work. Of course, once the kids have flown the nest, you still have your man cave (or she shed!)

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