Every Month is BBQ Month

Every Month is BBQ Month

There’s never any guarantee in the UK for good weather – even in the summer – and the thought of rain can dampen the enthusiasm of the most hardened barbecue fan. There’s also the desire in the winter to be able to set up a coal or gas barbecue and create some fantastic smelling steak or sausages, but only the most foolhardy would be brave enough to try to cook dinner outside when it’s snowing.

There’s a solution though to all the weather issues, and it means that a barbecue can take place at any time of the year and whether it’s wet, icy, foggy or in the middle of the night. Barbecue houses and lodges are now growing in popularity as a way to be able to enjoy the sensation of cooking outside the kitchen, yet still be sheltered from the elements.

A barbecue house is an amazingly versatile garden building and gives you and your family warm and cosy surrounding in the winter or a way to shelter from the wind in the warmer months as you turn the kebabs.
Barbecue houses originated in Finland where they are called a Kota. They were first used by reindeer herders and still continue to be even now as their popularity has spread across the world. They are fitted with a central barbecue to produce heat, and some have the option of a cast iron log burning stove being installed.

When not in use as a cooking station a barbecue house has many other uses such as; a playhouse for the children; therapy studio; tool storage; or as a garden office.

What makes a barbecue house particularly appealing is the fact they can be personalised in so many ways. Lighting can be brought in through mains power or through solar fittings and the use of fairy lights gives a warm, soft glow as the dessert marshmallows melt on the cooling embers.

Furniture such as sofas can be pre-installed at the time of order, and they will be specifically designed to make the best use of the space available. You can then personalise with accessories to make it really feel like a mini home.

Always choose a barbecue house which is manufactured from high quality and correctly treated timber so you will always know that if it is cold outside and warm inside from the cooking then the main structure of the building won’t be affected by the different heat extremes taking place at the same time.

Invest in a barbecue house, and you’ll find that you’re spending so much time in there relaxing with loved ones, that you won’t want to cook in the kitchen again.


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