How To Make Your Shed And Garden More Appealing

How To Make Your Shed And Garden More Appealing

There is a lot of truth in the suggestion that the garden of a property can offer a considerable insight into character of the person responsible for it. For example, a garden that is beautifully maintained is highly likely to be the mark of a dedicated and meticulous individual. Whilst innovative and quirky garden designs can also be the indication of a homeowner who is expressive and creative.

The overall layout and look of the garden is naturally the primary concern to keep in mind but each individual feature of a garden is also deserving of meticulous consideration.

A shed has been a staple feature of many gardens for as far back as anyone can are to remember and the timeless appeal of the good old garden shed is likely to be due to the fact that this almost inherent garden feature has numerable worthwhile functions. Items can be stored away in a shed and this is hugely useful when it comes to preserving certain products, as well as saving space elsewhere inside and outside of the home.

A shed can also be a place to get away for some peace and quiet or to make plans, or somewhere to spend time with friends or family. There are numerous variations of garden sheds available, including summer and play houses, log cabins and workshops.

If your shed isn’t particularly aesthetically pleasing or isn’t the central attraction in your garden that you would like it to be, then you may want to consider breathing some new life into your shed. This can be accompanied by a number of ways, such as adding a green roof to it or even a bird table.

Kate Bradbury, a writer for the Guardian, is passionate about organic, wildlife-friendly gardens and is a huge advocator of green roofed garden sheds. “I’m a little bit in love with my green roof, which sits on a tiny shed in my garden, like a raised bed. The shed is so small that the roof is at the head height – this gives me a wonderful view,” writes the innovative gardener in the Guardian.

Some people have a very particular theme in mind when it comes to working on their garden whereas others like to explore the possibilities as they go along. One example of creating a specific theme in a garden is to create a decidedly country vibe and this can be achieved by a shed that shares distinctive characteristics with a barn.

Such decorative decisions are essential when it comes to the overall look of your shed but it is also important to remember that some decoration can also have a practical function. For example, if you were to have sedum on your roof then it would be advantageous in the sense that it absorbs rainwater, taking potentially damaging water away from your shed. Having places to grow plants directly outside the shed is a sensible idea, likewise steps or a stoop are worth taking into consideration for this purpose. Hanging baskets and flowers in window boxes can dramatically add to the aesthetic appeal of a garden.

As mentioned earlier, there are many possibilities with a shed as there is with a garden as a whole and another way to make both features more appealing is to make a big effort with your lighting. Lanterns are an effective option for setting the mood and placing lights along the path to lead towards the shed or the home entrance is likely to provide an atmospheric and cosy feel to a garden.

Whilst there are literally endless opportunities to make a garden and garden shed more appealing it is important to consistently remind yourself of how you want the area to be used. Do you see it as a space for the children to play in or somewhere for social gatherings? Or perhaps a combination of the two? Creative designs can be very alluring but sometimes simplicity is beautiful in itself.

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