Keeping Your Garden Office Operational in Winter

Keeping Your Garden Office Operational in Winter

And while you may have enjoyed being closer to nature during the warmer months, as winter approaches you may be starting to dread heading out into the cold to your garden office.
At York Timber, we specialise in building timber structures that can withstand any weather, but there are a few things you can do with your garden office yourself that will prevent it from becoming a frozen dungeon this winter.

A key part of keeping the heat in and the cold out is to consider insulation for your garden office. This also has benefits the other way round in the summer too and there are a number of options available - from sheep’s wool to rigid insulation blocks. It’s always best to seek professional advice first though, as some types of insulation can cause condensation if the room isn’t properly ventilated.

Installing Heating
If you haven’t already got a heat source, this is crucial to keeping your office functional in winter. Electric heaters or oil filled radiator can be very effective at giving out heat and most come with thermostats so you can regulate the heat. However, they can put a significant rise on your energy bills if you have them on all the time. Another good alternative is a wood burning stove, which is more cost effective to run and will give you garden office a nice cosy feel.

Warm Up With Rugs
You will no doubt have already furnished your office with essential items but dressing the floor can make all the difference to keeping out the winter drafts. Equipping your garden office haven with a nice thick woollen rug or even a complete carpet will do wonders for insulating the floor and keeping your feet nice and toasty.

Cosy Curtains
It’s important to have natural light when you’re working, but with winter upon us why not dress your windows with some curtains? You don’t have to work with them closed, but even shutting them overnight will help to keep the residual heat in.
With these helpful hints, you can keep the cold out and the productivity levels up, making your garden office a winter haven.

For inspiration on garden office styles and designs, York Timbers has some great ideas for affordable and practical solutions.


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