Garden Sheds To Kick In The New Year

Garden Sheds To Kick In The New Year

With more and more people realising that their garden shed can be more than a storage unit, thanks to shows like Amazing Spaces on Channel 4, the garden shed has evolved. It can be a place to work, relax and potter about and is no longer the sole domain of the man of the house as women are getting in on the act too.

As spring is only a short few weeks away, you may once again be casting your eye toward the garden. With the ravages of winter making it look unkempt and unloved, would a garden shed be the perfect addition to your patch of land?

How Big?
The first question you need to ask is how big a garden shed do you need or want and what space do you have to work with? There are no right and wrong answers but clearly if you want a workshop, a tiny 6foot square shed is probably not going to cut it. While you may wish for a 12-foot square log cabin this may not be possible if your garden is only 10 foot long…

What For?
And this is the second question that we were beginning to hint at in relation to size. Depending on what you want to use the garden shed for, the size of the shed will need to match these ambitions. Sheds are used to accommodate all kinds of activities from relaxing to a home gym to a play room, and the function of your garden shed will have to reflect its size.

What About Budget?
The likelihood is that you will have a strict budget assigned to the purchase. However, if you’re planning on using the shed for a specific purpose, it’s essential you consider the cost of installation and decorating of your shed, along with fitting electricity and the equipment you’ll need to enjoy your shed-specific pursuits in comfort.

In addition to all this, don’t forget that to give your shed the best chance of survival over a period of time it needs to be sited on a decent platform - whether this is a concrete one or a platform of patio flags. Regardless, for very little investment you can gain fabulous extra room in the garden, whatever you plan on using it for.


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