Garden Sheds To Kick In The New Year

The garden shed has evolved from the thing that holds everything from the family bikes to spiders into being a useful and sought after building

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Sheds As Creative Spaces

Though the shed is predominantly and lovingly used as storage for tools and equipment to make sure your garden remains in tiptop shape, the humble shed has often been co-opted by some of our most creative minds as an escape from the distractions of day to day life.

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Working from Home with a Garden Office

With so many people now working flexibly or even permanently from home, and so many self-employed people running small businesses from home, demand for home offices is high.

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Children's Playhouse - Every Kids Dream

To a child an outdoor playhouse is the kind of stuff dreams are made of and here at York Timber we take a closer look at the essentials for consideration if you award your child or children this small piece of heaven.

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Top unusual uses for your Garden Shed

Aside from the usual uses for your shed, there are other things you can do with it.

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