Summer's Over - Use your Shed Wisely

Whilst we have been enjoying the beautiful British weather, the last thing on all of our minds, and rightly so, has been the upkeep of our shed - well now is, with regret, exactly the time we need to think with the dark long winter nights looming...

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Every Month is BBQ Month

You may well think this blog is out of date, can I please advise you to read on as that really isn't the case...

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Selecting Your Dog Kennel

Getting a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. It is all about you giving it a good life and the best conditions to make it look healthy and attractive. That is why it is so important to have the best type of kennel for your dog.

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Summer Lovin' Happended So Fast

If you grew up watching the movie Grease, it’s likely that you’ll have noticed just how much fun everybody was having. One of the main reasons everybody seems to be so happy in the film is because of the glorious weather that forms a backdrop to almost every scene...

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Use a Summerhouse to make your Allotment more than a Vegetable Patch

With the warm weather here, there is no better time to spend down at your allotment. For all those green fingered people amongst us, growing your favourite fruits and vegetables can bring a lot of joy.

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