Sheds of Grey – Our Favourite Unique Sheds

Sheds of Grey – Our Favourite Unique Sheds

The traditional metal or wooden sheds are often being replaced with the sophisticated and far more unique ideas for the design and use of garden sheds, as can be seen in the hugely popular TV show “George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces”. So what are some of our favourite unique sheds and what kind of use are they being put to?

The Garden Office Or ‘Shoffice’
Have you ever considered what it would be like to have your morning journey to work simply be a stroll down the garden path? If so, you will definitely not be on your own. Writers, entrepreneurs, beauticians and even those teaching pole dancing have started considering the humble shed as a workplace. If the only wheels you see on your journey are those attached to a wheelbarrow, it surely gives a little added appeal to working in your garden. While we don’t expect a corporate HQ to stay in the shed, it doesn’t hurt to dream big, like this example from the US.



A Living Space Or A Place For Guests To Stay
Oh what an attractive a thought – a place for guests who descend on you at short notice (or those you prefer to keep at arms length) to stay. This isn’t as ungracious a proposition as it first sounds, especially when you look at some of the spectacular examples on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. This one, a home from home that any person, is somewhere you would be glad to stay in and gives you the opportunity to have your own home to yourself!


Leisure Activities/Gym
An attractive alternative to costly gym fees can be found in the gym shed. Even better if you do not have to make exercise even more difficult by concentrating on pulling in your tum or hiding that roll of fat that has suddenly appeared around the waist. Whether you choose a small blank space with a few weights in which to exercise or a state of the art gym complete with all the mod cons, like this fine example, it’s a great use of space.


If you are thinking of finding a shed that does more than just contain a lawnmower, don’t panic if you’re not up to the standard above. We can build exactly what you want, so think about what you would really benefit from and bring your own custom shed into your life.



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