Summer Lovin' Happended So Fast

Summer Lovin' Happended So Fast

If you grew up watching the movie Grease, it’s likely that you’ll have noticed just how much fun everybody was having. One of the main reasons everybody seems to be so happy in the film is because of the glorious weather that forms a backdrop to almost every scene.

It’s probably why we look back with fondness at the film and it gives us a great feeling about the summer that is to come.
Luckily, that summer feeling is just around once again and what better way to spend that time than by making the most of your garden space and soaking up those rays? At York Timber, they want to help you make the most of that summer sun and provide you with the ultimate garden experience. YTP are industry experts in providing quality and affordable solutions for your garden, combining their family run approach with trade rates making it a sensible decision for both you and your budget.

One particular area of expertise that YTP possess is in the production of summer houses. Perhaps you have always dreamed of your own little summer house but never dreamed that you would be able to afford the cost? This is where YTP’s approach of selling directly to the customer enables you to save precious time and cost and make the absolute most of the good weather.

Right now, this is especially true as YTP are having a sale on their summer house range! Yes, that’s right, you can benefit from a high quality, tailored approach to your summer house wishes at a cost that won’t break the bank.

One of the best-value summer houses is the Chalet Summerhouse Ship Lap. Starting at just £699, this charming design includes both a winged canopy for maximisation of space and beautiful Georgian style windows to make sure you get every ray possible. This price includes both VAT and free delivery to some parts of the UK, which makes it even more of a bargain.

If your budget is a little higher, you may wish to look at the Melbourne Summerhouse Log Lap. This design is perfect for both traditional and more modern garden approaches, carefully blending the two styles together as one. So whatever your garden or summer house need, be sure to contact York Timber today to get the very best solution for your garden.


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