Summer's Over - Use your Shed Wisely

Summer's Over - Use your Shed Wisely

Other than a few tools, the lawn mower, coming in and out plus maybe a set of ladders, your shed is likely to have sat pretty empty throughout the summer, as we've enjoyed the great weather and, in some parts, Indian Summer.

As you’ve rightly made constant use of the patio set, not to mention many outdoor barbecues throughout the summer months you’ve undoubtedly neglected your shed, obviously for all the right reasons.

Now’s the time to start using your shed properly to avoid having to shell out for new garden equipment next year.

Leaving barbecues, patio sets, outdoor heaters and bikes outside over winter is careless when you have a shed because it causes unnecessary damage and weathering that can’t be reversed. Take the next few weeks to dissemble any furniture that you need to and put that, along with bikes and anything else that could be damaged by the harsh winter weather and put them safely away in your shed.

If you’re not sure your shed’s up to surviving the winter then it’s a good idea to weatherproof it first. Use a wood treatment all over the shed; this will ensure it doesn’t leak, as well as preventing other issues such as rot.

Organising your shed is an essential when you’re storing equipment over winter. If you want your garden equipment to be as new when you come to use it again next summer, then it’s essential to store it correctly and not just to throw everything in there.

  • You should never put electrical appliances on the floor of your shed; if it leaks or floods then anything electrical needs to be high up to avoid significant damage
  • Don’t stack things against the walls of the shed, again, this will help prevent water damage
  • Shelves are a great way to increase the available space and store smaller items, making room for bigger items – like patio sets and bikes – on the floor
  • Never hang things from the roof because it can severely weaken the structure and cause significant damage


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