Ten Great Shed Designs

Ten Great Shed Designs

Almost regardless of where you travel to in the world you are fairly likely to come across a facility that makes use of a shed in one way or another. The garden is naturally the typical setting in which a shed will be installed and although many people like to stick to the conventional look with a feature like this there are so many creative and innovative designs out there.

1. The idea for the ‘coco hut’ was conceived by Dutch designer Gert Eussen and the beehive appearance is both eye-catching and attractive.


2. This sunflower design certainly makes for a warm and striking look to the shed and summer days were surely in mind when it was created.


3. Although this shed does not step far from the boundaries at all it is incredibly sleek and well-finished, making it a feature that would look great in so many gardens.


4. With the flowers growing beside it and the summer breeze blowing, this shed bears the imprint of very traditional craftsmanship and is a reminder of days, years, and decades gone by.


5. The idea of adding street art to a shed has been explored and this design has an interesting take on life just above the seabed.


6. For true fans of Doctor Who there is surely no design they would prefer for their garden shed than one that pays homage to the TARDIS.


7. The connotations with a feature like this may be of a place for the dogs to relax but there are numerous ways to utilise this as a shed.


8. A cave-like structure might not satisfy everyone’s design preferences but when it comes to compact shed designs this is right up there.


9. A shed has many uses and for those who like to use it as an opportunity to get away the possibilities are increased dramatically by turning it into a pub.


10. So many sheds are designed with the children in mind and a playhouse is a terrific addition to your garden if you can find the room.


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