Tips for a Tidy Shed

Tips for a Tidy Shed

Before you even think about tackling your garden and getting it ready for the warmer months, you’ll need to turn to your shed and transform it into a tidy and organised area. If you’re going to need access to your tools and equipment, you might need a day or so to sort and declutter! This might even help you keep it organised for future use. Here are a few tips on the best way to organise and tidy your garden shed.

Clear your shed of clutter
Your shed might be stacked high with a variety of bits and pieces as your collection of equipment and garden tools grows over the years. Before you think about cleaning anything or putting it in its right place, you might want to take some time to get rid of anything you haven’t used in a while, or anything that you no longer need.

Removing old equipment that has seen better days will not only create more room in your shed, but it’s also less items to sort and organise!

Sort through what is left
When you are left with a pile of equipment or other items that you want to keep, it could be worth organising it into sections to really see what you have left. Power tools, garden tools and maybe even bikes or other objects that you store in the shed will all need to have their own place in the shed to find them easily.

Taking a moment to organise what you have means that you can utilise the space in your shed accordingly.

Tidy and clean the shed
Before putting everything back into your shed, it probably needs a spring (or summer) clean. Give the space a thorough clean, from sweeping the floor to cleaning any surfaces. There is no point clearing out your shed if you’re going to put everything back into a dirty mess!

Don’t forget to dust any shelves and give the windows a clean too. This will immediately help you to put everything back in an organised manner.

Reorganise your shed
You don’t have to put everything back just the way it was; there are so many little additions and tweaks you can add to your shed to help everything remain more organised. It’s all well and good being organised and having a home for everything, but you might need some help in keeping it that way for weeks or months to come!

There are a number of things you can do yourself to ensure your shed remains tidy and clean. Using hooks or pegs for hoses can free up floor space, while tool hangers on the walls of your shed can help keep your tools to hand and easy to find. If you have a lot of smaller items, use containers to store them so that they aren’t lost on a shelf full of other equipment. You could even label the containers to make sure you know exactly where everything is. By having a specific place for everything, you could be more inclined to put everything back properly. This can also help to make gardening a doddle.

By making these small and simple changes, you will notice a huge difference when it comes to getting in your shed next time!


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