Top unusual uses for your Garden Shed

Top unusual uses for your Garden Shed

Most people have the perception that sheds are only meant for housing gardening tools or parking their bikes. On the contrary- there are some unusual ways of utilising your shed instead of leaving it idle. With this in mind we bring you some great unusual uses for your shed.


If you thought that bathrooms could only be incorporated in your main house, then you are wrong. In the olden days people used to go outside to go to the bathroom, and these days, extra bathing space is a great idea for those short on space in the house. Your shed can be used conveniently as a bathroom, or even a spa. Considering that sheds are considerably large, it is possible to accommodate all accessories required for a bathroom.

Mushroom Farming

For the last couple of years, mushroom farming has been on the rise. A lot of people are making huge returns from this kind of farming. The interesting part is that mushrooms can be grown in a small room conveniently. Therefore you can make great use of your shed for mushroom farming. All you need is to get the necessary growing equipment used in this kind of farming and you will be ready to earn.

Table Tennis Bay or Snooker room

Are you a table tennis or snooker lover, yet you cannot play it at home due to lack of space? Your shed can be the ideal place for that. You can place the main table there and enjoy the game with utmost convenience. Sheds can be used for all sorts of hobbies, from sewing to scale model railway enthusiasts. Bar If you’re short on man-space, and need somewhere to get away, then why not install a barrel or two and have your very own bar or pub. Furnish with a dartboard and a few comfy chairs and you’ll love spending time in there.

Whatever your dream, with a shed you can turn it into a reality. In fact the only limit is your imagination! Whether you’re into sewing and want to install your own sewing room in your shed, or you’re looking for a place to install a hot tub, you should certainly look into the customisations, as it could give you more space to do the things you love.

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