Use a Summerhouse to make your Allotment more than a Vegetable Patch

Use a Summerhouse to make your Allotment more than a Vegetable Patch

With the warm weather here, there is no better time to spend down at your allotment. 

For all those green fingered people amongst us, growing your favourite fruits and vegetables can bring a lot of joy.  But, if your allotment is only being used as a vegetable patch, then perhaps you should consider turning it into something a lot more.  After all, if you spend a lot of time in your allotment you need to make it as welcoming and comfortable as possible especially for those long summer days.

Allotments are perfect for those people who don't have a garden large enough to grow their own fruit and vegetables at home. They also provide a great place to retreat to when you need to escape from the madness at home.  However, sometimes, you get so absorbed in gardening that you don't get your allotment looking as welcoming as possible, and that is where a summerhouse can help.

A summerhouse is a place to relax and unwind on a hot sunny day.  Many people use them in their gardens, but they also make a perfect addition to any allotment.  And regardless of the size of your allotment space, summerhouses come in a range of sizes at York Timber, so you can find the perfect one for you.

If you want to transform your allotment into more than just a vegetable patch, and instead make a place where you and your family can spend some quality time away from home, then a summerhouse is the perfect solution. Just imagine being surrounded by the sounds and smells of nature around you; being able to tend to your fruit and vegetables; and then sitting back with a cool refreshing drink in your summerhouse.

Summerhouses are a great way to provide additional space where you can enjoy the warm weather without being directly exposed to the sun.  It is great for those busy gardeners who spend all day tending to their allotments as it provides them with a way to step out of the hot sun for a while (as we all know too much sun is not good for you).

York Timber stocks a great selection of high quality timber summerhouses at fantastic prices and in a huge range of sizes. 

Whatever your needs and space availability, York Timber will have something perfect for you, to transform your vegetable patch into an idyllic haven and place to escape from the hustle and bustle of your normal life.


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