Where Should You Put Your Garden Office

Where Should You Put Your Garden Office

No matter what you garden looks like, shabby, neat, natural or all of those things combined, we know there is a garden office perfect for you.

Wild Untamed Garden
For those gardens that are over grown, untamed but yet magnificent, you can still accommodate for an amazing office space. Put your garden office right in the middle of it all. Don’t hesitate to let it become a main part of your garden. The secret hideaway and hidden retreat office is essential for those trying to steer clear of the house whilst they work.

Find a summerhouse which can be easily fitted within the environment and is made of material that can withstand the wear and tear of the weather.

Neat and Tidy
As long as you don’t ruin the lawn, don’t knock over any of your plants or upset your gardens dynamics, a garden office will work wherever you put it. In a neat and tidy, well-kept garden, it is easy to find a spot that can work for a garden office.

The Dovedale Summerhouse is elegant, picturesque and dignified enough to sit perfectly within your garden. You can hang hanging baskets from it, decorate it just how you like and work efficiently from the comfort of your garden.

House Proud
If you are house proud (as you should be) then using a garden office means two things; you want to be closer to home and you want to make sure that your home is not over run with work stuff. Your office in the garden means you are working hard, near your home but you don’t have to worry about your house looking over run with paper, files and coffee cups.

For you, placing the garden office in a certain place might be everything to do with the house.
Set up your summerhouse to be converted into a garden office right on the back wall of your garden. That way you can admire your house every time you look up from your computer screen.

Find your perfect garden office with York Timber, why look anywhere else?


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