Why Pinewood over Sheet for Sheds & Outdoor Buildings?

Why Pinewood over Sheet for Sheds & Outdoor Buildings?

At York Timber, we pride ourselves not only on good old fashioned hard work, but also delivering exceptional products made from the best quality materials. This is why we know why pinewood is better than sheet, but we’re happy to let you in on the secret too.

The difference between pinewood and sheet

There are distinct differences between pinewood and sheet that play an integral role in how they should be used and their strength and durability. 

Pinewood is a solid wood cut from a single piece of wood that is kiln dried. This process works to strengthens the wood and reduce the moisture content to prevent the wood from shrinking or warping.

In contrast, sheet wood or plywood is manufactured from numerous thin layers of softwood and hardwood, which are glued together to create an entire sheet. To increase strength, each ply is laid with the wood grain positioned at a 90° angle to the piece beneath it.

The benefits of Pinewood vs. Plywood

While both offer good strength and durability in their own right, when it comes to withstanding the elements that a garden shed might experience, choosing pinewood is a far better choice. As a solid piece of wood that has been dried, it is less impervious to moisture and shrinkage, whereas the layers in sheet wood can separate if they become damp. Therefore, despite sheet wood being a cheaper option, it won’t offer the same durability as pinewood, particularly in outdoor environments.

In addition, pinewood is much stronger than sheet, so building a wooden construction from pinewood will be much studier and solid.

The construction needs to be able to hold the weight of the roof, and sheets can bow if there is too much strain or weight put on them.

And finally the other benefit is the aesthetic look that solid pinewood gives. Whether you opt for a clear or coloured varnish, it will only serve to enhance the natural grain and beauty of the wood. In contrast, as a manufactured material, sheets are usually covered with a veneer to give it better aesthetics that can come unstuck over time.

Despite the cost, the benefits of using pinewood far outweigh those of sheet, so you can have a wooden construction that’s built to last.


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