Why your garden needs a summerhouse?

Why your garden needs a summerhouse?

What better way to do that than from the comfort of your very own summerhouse! With your shed full of tools, lawn mowers and bikes you have never used, choose the right summerhouse to give you a great view of your garden whatever the weather.

Different View of Your Garden

For many of us we spend our time staring out at our garden through the window. We tend to have one drink in there during the summer and then the rest of the time it is a place we rarely venture into. With a brand new summerhouse you can look at your garden from a whole new perspective. If you positioned it to be opposite your house you could even look at your house, like having an outsider’s view of your house and garden. With a summerhouse like the Dovedale Summerhouse Ship Lap, you can sit in the comfort of your beautifully crafted summerhouse, looking out through the double doors and take in the garden from a whole other angle.

Shelter from the Rain

We all know that British Summers basically mean it is going to rain all year until one day when it just about reaches 20 degrees and everyone is outside in their shorts. With this in mind, a summerhouse can provide you with the shelter you need from the drizzle but mean you can spend all the time in the world in your garden. From there you will know exactly when it stops raining and you can get out to do some gardening.

Enjoy the Summer All Year Round

Some years our summers don’t start until December. The sun is shining, the wind is still but it is just not warm enough to laze about on the lawn. At this moment, if you had already purchased a summerhouse you could sit with you glass of wine, snuggled up watching the world go by from the comfort of your little hideaway. No more will you have to watch the kids running around outside trying to get some fresh air in thermal layers. They can play out in the garden and when it gets too cold, retreat to the summerhouse! Or the winterhouse?

For more ideas/designs and to view the range of summerhouses we offer at York Timber take a look at our collection here.


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