Heavy Duty Log Lap Summerhouses

It may be on your household agenda to start making more of your garden. If so, it helps to have extra incentive to spend more time enjoying the fresh air, the sunshine, the peace, the closeness to nature and everything else that's good about outdoor spaces.

Summer houses and log cabins are wonderful when it comes to improving people's relationships with their gardens. At York Timber, we will design and build your log cabin or summer house to order using the highest quality materials.

A log summer house gives you a fabulous retreat in your own garden – somewhere you can escape to when you need some peace and quiet, entertain people when you are having a party, use as a makeshift office in summertime or even turn into a play area for your children.

These versatile and visually stunning structures make wonderful additions to the garden. Browse our shop for an idea of the styles we offer.

Corner House Summerhouse Log Lap

Fitted into the most complex garden design, a multi-functional purpose built summerhouse.

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From £795

Dovedale Summerhouse Log Lap

Picturesque and elegant, the Dovedale has a vintage look not readily available in the rest of the summerhouse range.

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From £1,399

Georgian Summerhouse Log Lap

The Georgian summerhouse has everything you need in order to relax and enjoy this beautiful garden centre piece.

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From £799

Melbourne Summerhouse Log Lap

The eye catching bay windows are just one of the many features of this multi-functional summerhouse.

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From £879

Sherwood Summerhouse Log Lap

Diamond leaded glass double doors and windows add to the impressive build of this summerhouse.

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From £945

The Chalet Summerhouse Log Lap

Attractive in design with a charming personality, the build includes winged canopy and georgian style windows.

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From £790

Traditional Summerhouse Log Lap

Built and designed to let in as much light as possible, this charming summerhouse will add elegance to your garden or outdoor space.

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From £879

Wheldrake Summerhouse Log Lap

Built with large windows and double doors, the Wheldrake has a light airy feel to it making it ideal for total relaxation.

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From £875

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