Log Lap Dog Kennels

Dog owners need safe, secure and comfortable places to keep their pets outdoors. At York Timber Products, we think our wooden dog kennels represent the perfect solution when it comes to protecting dogs and keeping them out of trouble.

Dogs need plenty of fresh air and space for comfort. That's why we construct special combined kennels and runs using heavy duty mesh and high quality timber. We always have the welfare of your pet in mind when we take your order for a wooden dog kennel.

Of course, the natural charm of timber and the skills of our design team ensure that all the animal housing solutions in our range also contribute to the visual appeal of your garden. We pride ourselves on striking the perfect balance between style, security and creature comforts with all our kennels.

Kennel and Combined Run Log Lap

A practical animal housing solution combining a 4’ x 4’ kennel crafted from high quality heavy duty timber with an adjoining run constructed with galvanised heavy duty mesh wire, providing protection and safety for your pets.

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