TANALISED®E – Pressure Treated Timber

Real wood…natural beauty…proven performance…trusted name…

  • Proven and long term protection against fungal decay and insect attack, including termites.
  • Excellent colour durability – initially green in colour which mellows to a warm honey brown – blends perfectly with natural surroundings.
  • Designed for use internally in buildings or outdoors, either in ground, above ground or in water contact.
  • Treatment is applied by controlled vacuum pressure technology in totally contained systems.
  • Part of the TANALISED® family of products – a brand you can trust to give quality performance.

Not all preservative treated timber is the same – ensure you are using the genuine article…

…The proven and effective choice for garden buildings.

TANALISED®E pressure treated timber is protected with TANALITH®E, a unique, highly effective preservative protection system based on patented copper triazole technology. The copper is derived from recycled sources and is well known for its fungicidal and insecticidal properties. The triazoles used in TANALITH E are organic biodegradable biocides, commonly used to protect many of the food crops we eat. Combining copper with a dual triazole system broadens it’s spectrum of activity to give complete protection from wood decay organisms.  Performance First launched in 1992, TANALISED®E pressure treated timber is today a truly global product that is approved and used in more than 30 countries worldwide. TANALISED®E pressure treated timber is protected against fugal and insect attack and is the perfect product for use in above ground, in ground and water contact situations.

TANALISED®E pressure treated timber has been extensively tested by Arch Timber Protection and expert independent authorities. Rigorous testing in both laboratory and field settings has revealed that small samples of TANALISED®E pressure treated timber are providing outstanding performance, even in aggressive conditions after 10 years.  

Please note: The level of preservative protection required varies according to the end use of the timber. For example, Timber destined for use in an above ground situation requires a lower level of protection than timber to be used in ground contact. You should ensure that your timber has been treated to a specification appropriate for its end use.

Appearance, Colour and Durability

TANALISED®E pressure treated timber has excellent colour durability characteristics. The treated timber takes on an appealing, natural green colouration. This slowly weathers to a warm honey brown colour in external use situations and will gradually fade to a silver grey. Independent tests have confirmed the exceptional colour properties of TANALISED®E pressure treated timber compared to alternatives. Please Note: Timber is a variable product. Occasionally timber containing high or mobile resin levels can give a blue coloration at the point of treatment, but this fades rapidly upon weathering.


TANALISED®E pressure treated timber does not have to be painted or stained to maintain its preservative properties. However, if colour is required decorative coatings can be used, as can brush on water repellent products. For protection against water damage, regular application of a brush-on water repellent is recommended, particularly for outdoor garden wood structures such as sheds. Always follow the coating manufacturer’s instructions.