Wooden Garden Sheds

Here at York Timber Products we pride ourselves on being industry specialists at designing and making an extensive range of quality wooden garden sheds.

Our products come in a range of different styles which are built to stand the test of time and provide an extremely attractive centre piece to your garden or outside area.

We have a wide selection of sheds, from traditional garden sheds and to workshops and tool storage sheds. If you want to add interest and individuality to your outside building then we have styles which include different window options, various door positions to choose from and in some instances optional veranda.

We also customise sheds, so if you can’t find the perfect wooden shed for you from our vast selection then please get in touch and we can craft you a personalised garden shed perfect for your needs.

Whatever you want from a shed we are sure we can provide it.

Here at York Timber Products we only use the best quality timber to create our wooden garden sheds. A lot of other companies use OSB timber to make their sheds as it represents the cheaper option, however, we never compromise on quality as this is lower in quality therefore a lot shorter life expectancy is predicted than the timber we use.

Despite the high quality materials we use, our prices are very competitive due to the fact we make our garden sheds at our onsite workshop and sell them directly to you.

We have years of industry experience and fully trained members of staff, so if you want to discuss any bespoke requirement contact a member of the team today. 

9 Pane Ship Lap Hobby House Garden Shed

Our 9 Pane Shiplap Hobby House Garen Shed represents an attractive garden feature providing both workspace and storage facility in an eye catching outdoor building

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From £450

9 Pane Log Lap Hobby House Garden Shed

The 9 Pane Log Lap Hobby House Garden Shed is a stylish outdoor building built to allow light through with the added advantage of optional verandah, as pictured

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From £539

Apex Economy Ship Lap Garden Shed

An economy Ship Lap Garden Shed with no compromise on quality of build or materials used, this represents one of our most popular products.

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From £229

Apex Ship Lap Garden Shed

If you’re looking for a traditional garden shed that’s simple in design, functional and durable look no further than the Apex Ship Lap Garden Shed.

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From £243

Apex Log Lap Garden Shed

Built with strength and durability in mind, the Apex Log Lap Garden Shed is both practical yet still a stylish addition to the features of your garden.

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From £299

Hi-Pex Ship Lap Garden Shed

The Hi-Pex Ship Lap Garden Shed offers all the features and benefits you would expect with the additional flexibility of 5 different door positions to choose from.

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From £269

Hi-Pex Log Lap Garden Shed

Built using a blend of the pent and apex designs, the Hi-Pex Log Lap Garden Shed represents the ideal choice if space and room is the main criteria in your selection.

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From £332

Hobby House Log Lap Garden Shed

The Log Lap Hobby House is a versatile garden shed built with excellent light meaning it can be used as a workspace and/or storage facility.

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From £549

Hobby House Ship Lap Garden Shed

The Ship Lap Hobby House is built in such a way that it provides a genuine cottage look allowing for light and space making the garden shed perfect for use as a hobby house or workshop.

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From £475

Pent Economy Shiplap Garden Shed

With the pent style single sloping roof, this economy garden shed is ideal if space is a consideration with piece of mind given on the no compromise on quality guarantee.

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From £250

Pent Ship Lap Garden Shed

The Ship Lap garden shed has been designed to fit in gardens other outdoor buildings wont due mainly to the pent style roof design.

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From £275

Pent Log Lap Garden Shed

With a host of features and benefits the Pent Log Lap Shed can fit most contours of gardens due to both style and design.

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From £339

Potting Ship Lap Shed

The Potting Ship Lap with its design, storage capabilities and many essential features mean its the perfect combination between greenhouse and garden shed.

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From £515

Potting Log Lap Shed

The Potting Log Lap shed is perfect for the "gardener in you" combining the greenhouse effect for excellent growing conditions with ideal storage for essential outdoor equipment.

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From £649

Security Ship Lap Garden Shed

If you want a shed where you can store your tools or other equipment safely then the Security Ship Lap Garden Shed represents the perfect choice for you.

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From £423

Security Log Lap Garden Shed

As the name suggests, the security log lap has been built with strength in mind to safely secure your equipment within a stylish shed that will compliment and enhance your garden area.

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From £475

Tool Store Ship Lap Garden Shed

The design of this tool store shed lends itself to smaller gardens or tighter areas and allows easy access making the storage of your equipment simple, easy and effective.

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From £169

Tool Store Log Lap Garden Shed

Perfect for a range of storage solutions, the low roof design makes the tool store log lap shed an ideal addition to your garden and an natural home for your accessories and and equipment.

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From £203

Workshop Ship Lap Garden Shed

If you want a garden shed or an outside workspace then the Workshop Ship Lap Garden Shed provides the functionality of both in one unique outdoor building.

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From £738

Workshop Log Lap Garden Shed

Purpose built as both an outdoor workspace and garden shed, the workshop ship lap is purpose built with height to store and provide easy access to your tools and equipment.

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From £840

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